Former UTA Agents launch Sound Talent Group
Three former UTA agents has officially launched their new agency Sound Talent Group

Sound Talent Group’s team will include Dave Shapiro (Agent/Co-Founder), Tim Borror (Agent/Co-Founder), Matt Andersen (Agent/Co-Founder), Beth Keith (Agent), Eric Powell (Agent) and Jackie Giffune (Agency Tour Marketer).

“After years of working for major agencies, we have learned a lot and we got to a place where we decided that it would be great to do things on our own terms. We put clients first. It’s not just about getting the job done.” Shapiro said in a statement. “I want us to be a part of each other’s lives and careers for the long haul. I want us to grow and find new avenues to service our clients in more fun and creative ways – not just booking tours – being a part of the business as a whole.”

“We are offering camaraderie between people inside of STG,” Borror said. “We made a decision to go down an unlikely and uncharted path. We need to have each other’s back to make this work. Too much is at stake to fail, and too much experience is at hand for us not to win in a big way. More importantly, our clients are showing us incredible loyalty and we plan on rewarding that with focused and customized work to help these artists continue to build their careers.”

Co-Founder Matt Andersen added “The timing felt right for us to step out and launch STG. The three of us share a strong bond across the years of working together. We are all passionate about music and I believe the synergy of our team will be felt by everyone we interact with.”

The company will maintain bi-coastal offices.

Pictured:(L to R) Dave Shapiro, Matt Andersen and Tim Borror