CAA Promotes 21 Trainees To Agents
CAA has promoted 21 of its trainees to agent or executive. The news was announced during the agency’s annual company retreat.

The Touring division gained five agents in Akin Aliu and Lizzie Holdforth (Music Touring), with Aliu based in L.A. and Holdforth in London; Olivia Farrell and Guy Howes (Music Brand Partnerships), with Farrell remaining in New York and Howes based in London; and Ethan Kurtzman (Comedy Touring) based in New York.

In the Television division, Ilana Goren, Jacob Schiff and Jiah Shin (Scripted), Barry Buren (Talent), and Carly Fromm and Nikki Goldfarb (Alternative) were all upped to agent; all will be based in the Los Angeles office except for Fromm, who will be in New York.

Layne Murrow and Harrison Waterstreet have been elevated to agents in the Motion Pictures Talent department, Natan Bogin is now an agent in Media Finance, and Berni Barta was promoted to agent in Books. All four are L.A.-based.

Kip Ludwig was upped to agent in the Speakers department and is also based in New York. Scott Zanghellini is now an agent in Commercial Endorsements, based in L.A.

At CAA Sports, Sam Rose is now an agent in the Basketball department, based in New York, and Cavan Walsh is an agent in the Coaches department based in Chicago. Alexandra Wakefield was promoted to executive at the Golf Consulting group, based in the Jacksonville, FL, office.

The agency’s other executive promotion was Maddi Mobley in Brand Consulting. She will be based in New York.