April 2018 

Festival Extravaganzas

Every promoter has experienced the extraordinary wish lists that often make up the rider clauses received from their event headliners. Solo-toilets, Thai massages, exclusive champagnes or private gyms are just the tip of the icebergs, promoters have to deal with again and again.

Now more and more festival promoters are figuring out how to monetize their acquired expertise in the fulfilment of narcissistic on stage extra wishes for nouveau-riche personalities.

Packaged as a VIP-arrangement, branded with a fancy name, all-inclusive bundles, spiced up further with comfort and other luxury-items, can be sold to a newly discovered target group that would rather come to festivals with a butler than a tour manager.

In this VIP News we have put a special focus on this luxury phenomenon and asked some of the European Festivals about the growing demand for VIP treatment.

Read more about the topic in this issue of VIP-News.

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