Gatorade Center
Artukaistentie 8, Turku, Finland
+358 221 900
Gatorade Center is a modern and comfortable multipurpose arena that can easily be changed from an ice hockey arena to a concert venue, and vice versa, overnight. The arena’s total capacity is nearly 12.000 with ~ 4,400 seats in the lower stand, ~ 3,900 in the upper stand, plus 780 box seats. The main floor of the arena can accommodate a maximum of 2,500 persons standing and about 1,800 seated.

Gatorade Center is best known as a venue for major public events, but also works well for smaller events. The arena can be divided with curtains and by placing the stage in the middle the space becomes suitable for smaller events. The arena works perfectly for events with 500 people when only part of the main floor is used. The arena is also equipped to host dining events on the main floor for up to 1,000 guests.
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