Casinos Austria AG
Headoffice, Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 14, Wien, Austria
+43 1 534 40 0
Casinos Austria is a leading national and international gaming company with numerous locations in Austria and other countries offering guests the enjoyment of gaming in a stylish ambience. Responsibility towards each and every player is one of the main pillars of our corporate culture.

Casinos Austria’s business activities are dictated by the social considerations contained in the Gaming Act. These include protecting the economic interests of the guests and the realization that excessive competition conflicts with this protection obligation. The corporate goal is therefore to achieve the optimum rather than the highest possible revenue.

The public authorities also expect not the highest possible but the most socially and economically acceptable revenue.The company’s philosophy calls for absolute seriousness and a commitment that goes far beyond the statutory requirements. Casinos Austria does everything in its power to combat organized crime and money laundering and to safeguard public order.
These ethical and social objectives can be achieved only if Austrian casino operations are managed by a single company.

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