Suede split
SUEDE are to split.

The band, who released their 'Singles' album last month, have announced today (November 5) that they will each be working on their "individual projects" from next year.

The band have issued a statement, that reads: "Suede would like to announce that from next year they will be working on their own individual projects.

"There will not be a new studio album until the band feel that the moment is artistically right to make one.This announcement does not affect the forthcoming touring commitments.

"Suede would like to thank the fans for their wonderful support over the years. See you in the next life."

It is understood that the decision to split came from Brett Anderson during a band meeting yesterday.

However, there have been rumours of a split ever since the commercial disappointment that greeted the release of last album 'A New Morning' last year.

A band source has said that "some of the members of the group are more happy with the decision than others," and it is likely that singer Brett Anderson had the final say.

Following the release of their album the group were thought to be working on new material. It is currently unclear how many songs were actually completed, and if they will ever see the light of day.