DEAG to acquire majority stake in I-Motion GmbH
DEAG (Deutsche Entertainment Aktiengesellschaft) have announced that the company is acquiring a majority interest of 50.1% in I-Motion GmbH, the German operating unit of LiveStyle, Inc., USA.

I-Motion has been a successful promoter of electronic music events for over 25 years. With long-established and profitable formats such as “Mayday” (since 1991), “Nature One” (since 1995), “Ruhr in Love” (since 2003), I-Motion has been successful in the market with these events alone attracting more than 2.5 million visitors. With “Nature One,” I-Motion promoted one of the largest rave events in Germany and one of the largest European events of the electro music scene in 2018.

In April, at the German Live Entertainment Awards (LEA) NATURE ONE was voted “Best Festival in 2018”. Additionally, the company regularly implements new event concepts such as “Toxicator”, “Syndicate” or “Revolt”. With its consistently profitable formats, as well as new events, I-Motion sells more than 200,000 tickets a year. Accordingly, DEAG expects further growth for the ticketing business via in the course of the partnership. The Executive Board estimates that the additional sales potential for DEAG will total EUR 15 million annually.

LiveStyle, Inc., the US parent company of I-Motion, headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, Denver, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany and Brazil, is one of the world’s largest music event producers and produces numerous events in North America, Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

Its most important North American business units include AMFAMFAMF, Made Event, React Presents, Disco Donnie Presents and Life In Color as well as the brands Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, the FriendShip, LIC Miami, BLNK CNVS, All My Friends Music Festival and more. In Europe, LiveStyle operates through locally established companies such as Monumental, B2S, ID&T, I-Motion and Q-Dance.

Together with the Belgian Tomorrowland promoter, LiveStyle launched the first international version of the Tomorrowland.

Randy Phillips, President & CEO of LiveStyle remarked: “Many years ago I had the pleasure of negotiating the purchase of MAMA Concerts & Rau by DEAG. In the course of closing that transaction, I got to know Peter Schwenkow, the CEO and Founder of DEAG, quite well and was very impressed by his love of music, business acumen and vision for DEAG. It seems I was right then and am right now. In addition, Detlef Kornett, of DEAG, and I were colleagues for many years at AEG and I am thrilled to be re-united with my friend. The key execs at I-Motion feel that DEAG is a great fit for them and I know it will be a great partner for LiveStyle in Germany.”

Prof. Peter Schwenkow, CEO of DEAG, is convinced: “The partnership with I-Motion and LiveStyle offers us further potential for our ticketing business. Through the targeted introduction of individual events abroad, we will also have the opportunity to grow internationally. For example, by offering the established and very successful electronic event ‘Mayday’ again in Poland, the UK and Switzerland in the future.”

Chuck Ciongoli, Executive Vice President and CFO of LiveStyle, adds: “In recent years, I-Motion has shown, above all by planning, organising and carrying out its own projects, that our German subsidiary always knows how to set new accents in the field of events and entertainment and profits from our international network. With DEAG, we now have a strong partner at our side who can look back on a wealth of experience in this market. We are convinced that both sides will benefit from our new relationship and are looking forward to a long-term partnership.”