DEAG acquires majority stake in MEWES Entertainment Group
DEAG has announced that it has acquired a 51% majority interest in MEWES Entertainment Group GmbH.

MEWES Entertainment, founded by Jan Mewes, has been working successfully in the areas of artist management, booking and the event business and has specialised on artists in the field of "Schlager and Volksmusik" for more than 20 years.

MEWES Entertainment represents one of the best-known German singers, HEINO (pictured), who released his successful album "Mit freundlichen Grüßen," on which he covered German Rock and Pop songs, together with the company.

Jan Mewes has won two LEA awards (Live Entertainment Award). In 2014 he was named best Manager of the Year and in 2017 as Producer and Organiser of the best show of the year "NUTTEN KOKS UND FRISCHE ERDBEEREN." This comedy music show
with Mary Roos & Wolfgang Trepper was a real hit and attracted 150,000 visitors. In the area of Rock/Pop, Jan Mewes manages the bookings for well-known artists like Robbie Williams, Revolverheld, Mark Forster, Max Giesinger, Sasha, Alvaro Soler, Namika, Milow and many more.

With this investment, DEAG is further expanding its activities in the area of "Schlager and Volksmusik" and, at the same time, bringing on board Managing Director Jan Mewes, an experienced industry expert who will be bound for the long term.

"In DEAG, I have a strong partner at my side. Many of my network contacts have had very good experiences with DEAG and Peter Schwenkow in the past. So, it was only a matter of time until I jumped on board the train. I would like to thank the
company for its trust. I look forward to working with them and am convinced that we can benefit from each other in the long term." says Jan Mewes

Prof. Peter Schwenkow, CEO of DEAG, says: "Jan Mewes brings along very good and long-standing expertise in the area of Pop and Volksmusik. I look forward to working with him. With his broad network and our structural resources, we will create additional synergies for DEAG. The joint content will be merchandised via MyTicket so our ticketing business will also benefit from this investment."

Pictured: Jan Mewes and Heino