Bryan Adams show in Greece saved by ticket provider
Bulgarian promoter ArtBG`s fraudulent behaviour has also hit Greece according to news service Ethnos.?

Ethnos has reported that promoter ArtBG, who were the organizers of both Bryan Adams` Athens concert at OAKA Indoor Stadium on November 18th and Jose Carrera`s show days after, have stolen the revenue from ticket sales and have disappeared.

The Bryan Adams concert was saved at the last minute, by ticket company Viva who decided to cover the costs of the concert in order to not appear untrustworthy to the Greek public.

A press release from Viva reads: "Despite the success of ticket sales, organizer ART BG Greece just weeks ago announced that due to financial problems it was unable to proceed with the concert and cover the relevant costs. However, ART BG Greece did not provide any information for the returning money from the ticket sales that the promoter had collected in full, but instead used the proceeds for their own benefit leaving the artist and all the people who worked for the company unpaid”.

Viva has taken legal action against the promoter and adds that" in order not to cancel the Bryan Adams concert and therefore not risk the ticket buyers losing their money or those who had already worked for the concert, Viva decided to bear the costs and, in collaboration with a new promoter, the concert did take place"

ArtBG started promoting events in 2008 and has since then promoted more than 500 shows across Europe, the company has also promoted tours with artists such as Ricky Martin, Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Scorpions, Lara Fabian and more