Spotify to raise $20 Million for Coronavirus relief
Spotify has launched the Covid-19 Music Relief Project, partnering with various organisations across the industry to help the music community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The aim of the new Project is to recommend organisations to offer financial aid, and Spotify has partnered with MusiCares, PRS Foundation and Help Musicians so far, with more to be added.

Spotify is making donations to these businesses and has pledged to match donations made via the new scheme to a total of $10 million. Donations can be made at this link.

The streaming platform is also working to enable artists to raise money directly from fans, with plans in development to direct fans to fundraising platforms from their profile pages on Spotify. Artists will be able to link to pages of their choice.

Spotify’s announcement also said that SoundBetter is waiving its revenue share, Soundtrap is offering extended free trials and Anchor is waiving fees on its listener support function. These platforms are making changes to ease the creation of music at home.