Stayin’ Alive Festival 2020 [Never surrender]
Despite tough times in the Live Business in Finland they are refusing to give up with 2 prestigious venues teaming up to arrange a free 2 day live streamed festival taking place on 12-13 June. The event will include live performances from both venues with some of the Finland’s biggest artists and bands.

Stayin’ Alive Festival is being arranged by Tullikamari in Tampere and 45 Special in Oulu with featured artists such as Apocalyptica, Mokoma, Terveet Kädet, Noora Louhimo Trio, Popeda, Vesterinen Yhtyeineen, Eläkeläiset, Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha and Katri Ylander Duo with another artist announcement to be made in June.

The idea for the festival originated from Oulu, where 45 Special started a series of streamed concerts in March. So far over 200.000 people have watched the shows. - “The live streamed shows have been a success and they’ve clearly had a role as an uplifter in these extraordinary times for artists, the audience and us organisers. The events bring a sense of a better future”, says promoter Ilpo Sulkala from 45 Special.

The technical production for the festival will be provided by Saha Prod, a respected company with substantial experience in streaming and audio-visual productions. – “With a multi-camera production and interactivity, we decided to make the production of this festival top quality”, promises Mikko Pohjola from Saha Prod.

According to the organizers, the artist booking for Stayin’ Alive Festival was quite easy with the bands ready to put a real effort into making the event unforgettable. – “We are fulfilling many wishes here. The venues want to operate, people are hungry for live music and the bands are really looking forward to play. Bands are putting their hearts and minds into this”, says promoter Tero Viikari from Tullikamari.

Stayin’ Alive Festival can be seen for free on and in the festival’s Facebook event. However, it is possible to support the event and the venues by buying voluntary support tickets from the pre-sale outlets ( & Other merchandise, including special VIP packages will also be available. It’s also possible to support the festival, the artists, the venues and their staff during the event.