Marc Geiger to exit WME
Marc Geiger is negotiating his exit from WME.

Geiger who is Head of Music at the agency, helped build it into one of the world’s biggest concert and festival companies.

The company is currently in the process of reorganisation after being hit by the corona virus situation. This follows approximately 20% of the company’s staff being laid off and furloughed in May. Similar cuts have been seen by other major agencies.

The long planned IPO by parent company Endeavor was delayed back in September drawing particular attention to the situation. At this stage it is unclear whether internal issues have influenced Geiger’s decision to leave the company. Geiger has denied any rumours that he is about to join Spotify.

Geiger, now 57 years old, has been with WME since 2003 where he has played a major role in developing the company’s international festival business turning what had been a small collection of regional events into a multi-billion dollar business which has generated income for some of the company’s major artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Drake, Kendrick Lamar Marshmello and Kings of Leon.

Prior to joining WME, Geiger was the co-founder of ARTISTdirect creating a direct link between artists and their fans and was also invested in Lolllapalooza.

Both Geiger and WME have declined to comment on this story.