Italian promoters team up for charity event
It will be a week of great events that will take place in Verona from 2 to 6 September 2020 as Italian promoters have teamed up to organise a week of music events at the 15,000-capacity Verona Arena in support of the country’s live music industry.

The initiative is called " From Verona we turn on the music ", and it is an artistic and social project for Italian music, launched by Music Innovation Hub Spa - Social Enterprise (MIH), organized and produced by Friends & Partners, Live Nation and Vivo Concerti in collaboration with Arena di Verona srl ​​and Gianmarco Mazzi, R&P Legal, Librerie Feltrinelli and with the contributions of Vertigo and Magellano.

The proceeds of all the events of the week will feed the Covid19-Let`s support the music of MIH, supported by Spotify and promoted by FIMI, in partnership with AFI, PMI, Assomusica and NUOVOIMAIE and aimed at workers in the music supply chain. The initiative will involve over 70 artists, 350 musicians and technicians. The Arena di Verona will have an exceptionally positioned stage in the center, with a 360 ° view and the audience spaced out and distributed over all the circular steps.

It will start with the Music Awards, on 2 and 5 September, broadcasted in prime time live on Raiuno, and will close with "HEROES - the Future begins now", a unique event lasting 5 hours (from 7.00 pm to midnight) which will be broadcast live streaming which will involve the best of the current Italian music scene.

The ticket price will be 9.90 Euros plus one presale Euro.
The proceeds from the sale of tickets, net of production costs, from Siae and VAT, will feed the Covid-19 Fund, activating an innovative method of collection for social benefit.
During the week, a series of thematic meetings and workshops will also take place with the major operators in the sector.