New agency launched in the Balkans
Lina Ugrinovska, one of East Europe`s most renowned live professionals, has launched her own agency, Banana & Salt.

Ugrinovska was most recently the head of international booking for Macedonia`s Password Production.

The objective is to promote the Balkan region as a touring destination and to provide local musicians with the necessary skills and know-how to succeed in the business.

Banana & Salt offers services in international booking, consulting, specialized training and educational programs for artists and music professionals alike, "including competent assistance and experienced guidance in expanding the careers of music artists from diverse aspects," according to the announcement.

Ugrinovska`s focus is on providing musicians with targeted and personalized assistance, on educating them about the various levels of the music industry ecosystem and equipping them to manage the primary difficulties they confront.

Banana & Salt`s artist roster at launch consist of regional acts with international potential, including Funk Shui, Ida Prester and Luboyna. Others are to be announced. Ugrinovska is currently in talks with Lollobrigida, RUTH Koleva, "and a few other regional artists" regarding a booking collaboration.