Standon Calling forced to cancel due to bad weather
Following the relaxation of pandemic restrictions in England on July 19, UK festival Standon Calling was forced to cancel midway through its final day at the weekend bad weather conditions.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms struck the festival site, making it unsafe to continue.

The show was initially canceled when inclement weather arrived, in the hopes that it would pass. However, when the situation worsened, the site began to flood. Because of this, as well as the ongoing risk of lightning strikes, the rest of the event was canceled outright.

“Unfortunately due to flooding we will no longer be able to proceed with the festival”, said organisers in a tweeted statement. “If you can safely leave the site this evening please do so as soon as possible. We are working on getting everyone off site as safely and quickly as possible”.

However, due to the weather and subsequent water, many people were unable to leave the site. For starters, several of the drivers were intoxicated because they were planning to leave the next day. Even if they had been able to drive, the roads surrounding the construction site were closed. People who were being picked up or who planned to take public transportation were likewise unable to depart.

Police later said that “vehicles leaving the festival site will take precedence over other traffic”. The festival has also stated that it will make preparations for those who are unable to leave the grounds.

Craig David, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Primal Scream, and De La Soul were among the acts who were unable to play yesterday as a result of all of this.