Copenhagen to get new 2,500 cap. venue
Copenhagen will have a brand new arena in November. The name of the venue is Stagebox, and it will be located in RefshalĂžen with a capacity of 2,500 standing guests.

At Refshalevej 189, a historic industrial building has been turned into a venue with a focus on preserving the building`s original industrial design.

Stagebox is privately owned by formed music industry veterans with roots in Denmark. The venue will not promote concerts, but will instead serve as a rental site for Danish concert promoters.

On behalf of the Danish concert promoters, I dare say that Copenhagen has long lacked a venue dedicated solely to events and concerts, where the sound and surroundings have been carefully considered to provide the best possible experience for the audience as well as the artists. "We are incredibly excited to be able to present Danish as well as international visitors," says director and venue manager, Daniel Vangsgaard.

Stagebox will open in November, and the official opening concert will be announced soon.