MARCH 2020 

Light at the end of the tunnel

March 2020 will forever stand as a gamechanging month in our history and in our industry. We have seen how the world can come to a standstill from one day to another, affecting people’s lives in a way that could not have been imagined before.

The concert industry is probably one of the industries that is suffering the most from the ban on gatherings that governments have issued worldwide. Everyone is affected and whether you are an Artist, Manager, Agent, Talent Buyer, Promoter, Supplier, Crew or anyone else connected to the concert industry, your job has come to a complete stop.

A crisis like this will have different phases. We are now leaving the panic phase and starting to think ahead. At VIP we can see and hear from our clients that they are starting to plan for the future, understanding that things will get back to normal at some point and that we have to be prepared for when that happens.

Even though times are tough and we are still fighting the pandemic worldwide, we have to keep a positive perspective and believe that we will soon get back to business as usual and to the industry we all love. Therefore we encourage Agents and Talent Buyers to start planning tours and to book future events in order to send a signal to the whole industry that we will be back, soon!


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