013 Popcentrum
Concert Halls/Arenas
Veemarktstraat 44, Tilburg, Netherlands
+31 013 460 95 00
The main purposes of 013 are presentation, education and service as well as creating a popular hangout and supplying entertainment.

Popular music is a trendy, passing, unstable and massive phenomenon. On the other hand it is of vital importance, it has a timeless and individual character and it will last forever.
013 offers something for everybody. The emphasis will be put on confronting and challenging programmes with possibilities for (groups of) people to make a contribution. 013 stands for dynamics and a permanent interaction between audience and (amateur) musicians.

013 appeals to all lovers of popmusic from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and, in time, the whole of Europe. Quality, public opinion and affordability are of great importance.
013 will grow into a centre in which some 400 activities with an expected amount of 200.000 visitors will be organised each year. The programme will consist of local as well as national and international well known artists and bands.
A broad variety of new sounds, musical veterans, chartbusters, underground bands, local talents, experimental encounters, young musicians, multi-media, festivals and inter-disciplinary cross-overs, you name it. Dance in all it’s shapes and forms, meet and greet in the cafe, cyberspace and of course loads and loads of music.

The Building

In the premises there are two concert halls: The Choice is the name of the main hall, and De Kleine Zaal is the smaller one. Furthermore there are the Bat Cave, with a club atmosphere, and also practise rooms, an information desk, a cafe and an Boxoffice for ticketsales and reception. In the basement there is a big parkingspace for bicycles.
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