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"We're a touring agency, booking international talent into live concert venues, festivals and clubs. Most of us have a specialist knowledge area, ours happens to be urban music specifically pop, ... "

Stateside Touring
London, UK

"All Things Live is one of major promoters in Scandinavia. Promoting shows with major artists such as Justin Bieber, Prince, Kraftwerk, Lana Del Rey, Rammstein, Bruno Mars and many more. "

All Things Live

"Sheffield Arena is Yorkshire’s largest indoor premier entertainment venue with a multi-purpose auditorium accommodating audiences from 3,000 to over 13,600. "

Sheffield Arena
United Kingdom

Daily News
South Africa`s Ticketpro Dome to Close
After owner Sasol Pension Fund sold the property to WeBuyCars, the 20,000-seat Ticketpro Dome, Sout
France venues to open up with Covid Pass
France has now implemented a Covid certification requirement at cinemas, attractions, sports arenas
No Covid-19 cases found at EXIT festival
A scientific research conducted at Serbia's annual EXIT Festival found no incidences of Covid-19 be