VP Records
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89-05 138th Street, NEW YORK, United States
+1 718 425 1100
VP Records, based in Jamaica, Queens NY, is a pioneering force in the reggae music industry. From roots & culture to soca and dancehall, VP Records is the only record label that represents the full spectrum of Caribbean music. For the past 25 years, VP has stayed true to the grassroots from whence it came, always serving its core audience first, moving swiftly to keep up with the sounds of the street. At the same time, with the international success of artists like Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Elephant Man, and Tanto Metro & Devonte, amongst others, VP has expanded its leadership in the effort to present Caribbean culture to a mainstream audience as worldwide demand dancehall reggae rises to new heights.

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VP Records Founder Dies

10 February 2003

Vincent G Chin, founder of VP records sadly passed away due to natural causes at his home in

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