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Rua de Ville Langon 401, 4. Dto. Tras, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
+351 916 252219
Present in the market since 2007, MEDIAsounds was born in response to the new challenges imposed by the music industry.

We started by acting as a cultural communication office promoting the media exposure of independent artists and small and medium-sized festivals.

We add to the press office, the digital distribution and consequent licensing of tracks for the purposes of synchronization in soap operas, national fiction series and advertising.

We look at online as the future of communication, and we work together on multiple possibilities that the internet offers us, in order to give visibility to our customers and ultimately reach the general public.

The challenges have multiplied, so have the invitations, and as such MEDIAsounds opened a new unit more focused on production and road management four years ago, representing national artists on stages from North to South of the country, and Islands.

The company's growth has been guided by the entry of new human resources, and now in 2019, we are also presenting ourselves to the market as a booking agency.

We want to continue to develop the good work for which we are recognized, now providing an even more 360ยบ service with those who are with us!
Welcome to MEDIAsounds !
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